Metropics Radio Program Schedule

Metropics Radio emanates from Sarasota, Florida. It is the friendly musical companion to the changing moods and rhythms of your day. (All times are set to the U.S. Eastern Time Zone.)

12am-6am - Enjoy our late-night blend of sophisticated jazz and blues.

A pink sky with palm trees in the foreground

6am-9am - Greet the day with our custom blend of easy jazz and soulful ballads.
“Vintage Jazz “from 9am to 10am.

A beach with waves coming in from the ocean.

10am-7pm - Upbeat jazz and intriguing world music is the soundtrack to your active hours.

A sail boat sailing on the ocean under a blue sky.

6pm-8pm - Unwind your workday with chilled jazz and nostalgic ballads. Perfect for drinks and dinner with good friends.

A sunset with the sun reflecting in water.

8pm-10pm - As night falls, we mix more intricate, thoughtful jazz and wide-ranging world music sounds.

A lighthouse on the water with palm trees in front of it.

10pm-12am - Our eclectic evening music flow gently winds toward the Midnight hour and the new day’s jazz and blues flavored programming.

A city at night with lights and trees