How To Listen

Mobile Device

Download the free Live365 Radio app and browse it to find ‘Metropics Radio.’ For fast, easy-to-play one-click access, tap on the 3 dots and click on the heart ♡ to save as a favorite!

Here are convenient links for the Apple App Store and The Android/Google Play sites.


Vehicle Streaming

  1. With the Live365 app on your phone, you can use Bluetooth to connect to your earbuds, Bluetooth speaker or the audio/radio player in your car, boat, bedroom or private jet to stream Metropics Radio 24/7.
  2. For a better audio connection use a 3.5mm stereo cable from your device’s headphone outlet into the “line in/audio in” port of your audio/radio player.
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For Alexa:

Simply step close to your Alexa device or smart speaker and say or speak, either of the following 3 verbal commands; they ALL work in seconds:

“Alexa, enable Metropics Radio!”*


“Alexa, enable Metro-Pics Radio!”*


“Alexa, enable Me-Tropics Radio!” *

Anytime thereafter,
simply call out *“Alexa, Play Metropics Radio,*” or which ever pronunciation you’ve chosen, to enjoy commercial-free Jazz and Soulful tunes 24-7.

For Google Play:

Similarly, with your Android Google Play devices, activate Voice Access with “Hey Google”, and say, “Hey Google, play Metropics Radio,” Or, “Hey Google, play Metro-pics Radio,” or “Hey Google, play Me-Tropics Radio!”

They all work phonetically!

For your Smart Speaker:

Search for Metropics Radio in Alexa Skills on
Download. Then, just speak the magic words: “Alexa, Play Metropics Radio” “Hey Google” play Metropics Radio.” etc.

That’s it, just kick back and join us often for the best in Jazz and Soulful World Music 24/7 playing on

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Artist: Linda Richichi

Streaming at Home

If you're connecting your mobile device to your home system for streaming audio, via Bluetooth or mini-plug cable, just bring up Metropics Radio on the Live365 app and play it through your home system.

Consult your home system’s instructions for the best way to add Metropics Radio, either on a browser via or through the Live 365 mobile app.

Consult your system’s instructions for the best way to add Metropics Radio, either on a browser via or through the Live365 app on a mobile platform.

(See the easy instructions for downloading the Live365 app in the Mobile Device instructions above.)

Useful Tips:

Should your stream connection drop, simply restart/refresh your browser device.

Should you experience low volume levels on your home system, try raising them on your connected handheld browser device.

To see a list of the most recent songs and artists played on Metropics Radio just click on the 3-bar-icon on the Live365 player window.

Notice for Sonos Users

Live365 is currently not available on Sonos. In the interim, the following instructions will allow you to listen to Metropics Radio on Sonos.

Tropicalia and other Jazz
You Can Stream Now to
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Amazon’s Smart Speakers w/Alexa or Echo Models

Once you have the Live365 app installed, search for "Alexa skills Live365" on, or just click here for Alexa Skill, and then select “Enable” to complete the process. (It’s free.)

Then, anytime you want to listen to Metropics Radio on your Amazon smart speaker, just say “Alexa, Play Live three-sixty-five.” You will be prompted to pick a station. Say “Play Metropics Radio.”

Portable Speakers

Many portable speakers can be paired to your smart phone via Bluetooth connection on your mobile device. Just connect via Bluetooth and bring up Metropics Radio on the Live365 app.